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40-year old business gets a 'digital makeover' and has grown its sales by 35% in 1 year

Commercial vehicle hire company, Hirus, chose Digital Results to help them reinvigorate their website user interface and online booking system. The result had a hugely positive effect on Hirus' bottom line.

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How we transformed a restrictive pen & paper booking system into a digital system and substantially increased sales

The pen and paper booking system meant reporting was a virtually impossible task, getting a snapshot overview of performance wasn’t possible. It looked unprofessional and meant that each of the 40+ customers walking through the door each day couldn't be served as efficiently as Hirus would have liked. Our job was to deliver Hirus a brand new platform to grow sales and enhance customer service.

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A seamless, convenient booking platform

No longer were customers restricted during closing hours. Customers could get quotes and book at their leisure.

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Full process automation

All admin and booking related processes were fully automated. Vast quantities of time is now saved and confusion is gone.

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Improved customer experience

Quickened turnaround times, reduced waiting times and a more efficient experience for customers, adding value to the experience.

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Crystal clear business reviews

With admin fully automated, no longer did Hirus have to trawl through their messy pen and paper booking system to get an idea of performance. Instant and accurate.

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New sales growth opportunities

With the system fully integrated with a brand new website Hirus had the platform to rapidly accelerate sales growth.

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Flexibility to adapt to demand

With newly-found efficiency gains, Hirus could adapt and scale more easily to ever-changing demand. This came in handy considering the growth they had rapidly experienced.

"Our bespoke online booking system has massively improved our customer experience and has grown our sales by more than 35% in 1 year"

Mark Jeffery, Hirus Vehicles

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